Back To School, Being Cool

Time to back to school. Stop being a baby, being cool!
There are some tips for you to start new semester in school.

First of all, join clubs.
One way to be cool and increase your popularity is to join clubs. Choose clubs that interest you, like drama club or maybe student council.
When everyone gathers together to discuss some things about club, someone’s cell phone is out of power, and he can charge it directly in the room, but what if there is a second and third person’s cell phone out of power? There are also people who have no electricity on their iPads, which is terrible. At this moment, if you take out a charging station that can charge 10 mobile phones or 8 iPads at a time, then you are awesome. Everyone will definitely remember you, and maybe you will get some power in your club.
10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W
Secondly, make friends with popular people.
One way to be cool is to become friends with the popular people in school. This helps you start to get recognized by the cool, popular people in school. Once you start hanging around the popular crowd, people will start to know who you are.
How do you be friends with those people? You definitely don’t want to just slap up the side, you have to have your own advantages, such as games or photography, so that you can "show off" and you can’t just be a follower.
If you are a gamer , you may need a USB C Extension Cable 10M/32FT to extend your Oculus Rift/Quest, Oculus VR, Xbox 360, PS4, etc. Have great fun in the big house.
If you like photography, don't be shy to show your works to your friends in school. Use USB 3.0 CF/SD/Micro SD Card Reader, it maximizes the performance of your memory cards and save time when transferring files.

Thirdly, go to parties.
Figure out who throws the best parties and go to those parties. Go with a group of friends. If you go alone, then mingle and meet people. No need to bring your camera with you if you are a photographer, have fun and enjoy yourself while at the parties.

Last but not least, understand that confidence is key.
Think about what most cool people in movies and TV have in common: they are confident. They know they are cool, they like themselves, and they don't need to find validation through other people. Having confidence helps you not try too hard, which is definitely not cool.

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